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Welcome to `theBRICKLINfactory.com'

3rd Series Bricklin models are now available to order.  I’ve launched the 3rd Series to address the desire for a finely detailed model at a lower price point.  Admittedly, the goal with the 3rd Series was to have a less expensive product to offer than the 2nd Series.  But since I was starting over, I thought, “why not accomplish two goals at once?”  So I set about to design the 3rd Series with two goals:  create a product that can be built in less time, and create a more accurate representation of the Bricklin SV-1.  I’m proud to say I’ve accomplished both tasks and can offer the 3rd Series at a price point less than half of what I was charging for my 2nd Series models.

The Bricklin Factory offers:

* 1/25 scale model Bricklins (the 3rd Series)

* 1/48 scale model Bricklins in caricature (the Baby Bricks) as a one piece casting, perfect for the desk at work

* 1/48 scale model Bricklins as Christmas tree ornaments (also the Baby Bricks)

* 1/48 scale model 1964 Studebaker 2 door hardtops in caricature as a one piece casting, a companion piece to my Baby Bricks

* 1/48 scale model 1964 Studebaker 4 door sedans in caricature

* 1/48 scale model 1964 Studebaker Wagonaires in caricature

* 1/48 scale model 1964 Studebaker convertibles in caricature

* 1/48 scale model 1975 AMC Matador 4 door sedans in caricature

* 1/48 scale model 1975 AMC Matador wagons in caricature


I offer my model Bricklins in each of the original `safety colors' as produced by General Vehicle, Inc. back in 1974 and 1975, or I can create a custom model Bricklin to match your car!   To the left, you'll find pages that will take you to photos of all my Bricklin, Studebaker and AMC products.

Model Sizes

1/25 scale for my 3rd series model Bricklins - they're a little bit more than seven inches long - 1/25 scale is one of the most popular scales in car modeling.  The `Baby Bricks,' the '64 Studebakers and the AMC Matadors are approximately 1/48 scale.  Being as they are a caricature more than a scale model, an exact scale is hard to define!  The Baby Bricks are about three and a half inches long.  The Studebakers are about four inches long, the Matadors a little longer still.

My Original Model Bricklin Prototype

I made the original out of bass wood back in 1982. I spent hundreds of hours looking at pictures and getting each curve and line just right (or as close to it as my eyes could discern). When I finished it originally, I painted it red - not Bricklin safety red - more of a fire engine red. That's the way it remained until the winter of 2001/2002. That's when I decided to start making copies of it. I chose to first revise a major inaccuracy on it that had bugged me for years. The headlight doors were too big and too far up into the body of the car to accurately reflect an actual Bricklin. So I filled in the lines that represented the hood and headlight doors, and recut them. Having done this, I obviously needed to repaint it. Today it's a respectable Bricklin safety white!

Inside the 3rd Series model Bricklin.

To Purchase a 3rd series model Bricklin, a Baby Brick, a Bricklin air cleaner label, a Bricklin bumpersticker or a '64 Studebaker Daytona....

......click here to e-mail me: tdpalmer@gci.net