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3rd Series - Safety White

Here's a look at model #0222

The bumpers on 3rd series models are separate from the body

This gives the model a more authentic look - you can actually see the space around each bumper and they have that 'floating' look that real Bricklin bumpers have.

Look carefully. You'll see a custom license plate on this model

This is not a feature that I've promoted or spent much time talking about.  But I can make a custom decal of the license plate on your car and put it on the model.  I simply need you to provide me with a good, high quality photo of your license plate.

Through the driver's window you can see some of the details on the dashboard

Look even closer and you'll see a little bit of the door glass still exposed, just as it is in an actual Bricklin when the window is in the rolled down position

3rd Series models are 1/25 scale

I chose this scale because it is one of the more popular scales in the car model hobby.  And truthfully, it's the scale that I've collected all my life.  So it's the scale I wanted.  Each 3rd series model Bricklin is just a little bit more than seven inches long.


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