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Labels and Bumper Stickers

BRICKLIN bumper stickers (scroll down for photo) 

Looks great on the back bumper of your OTHER car! 

Let's face it, you get to talk to interesting people and answer questions about your Bricklin SV-1 when you're out driving it around... but if you're like me, that's only 2,000 miles a year crammed into a few short summer months.  With this bumper sticker on the back of your OTHER car, you can get people asking you about your Bricklin while you're at the gas station filling the tank on your Silverado, your Dodge Neon, your Hyundai.... heck, even your Yugo! 

Help spread the word about the Bricklin and get other people thinking about them.  Who knows, we might even be able to build awareness and raise the values of our precious SV-1's!  

Price:  One for $6 - each additional bumper sticker is only $3.  Free shipping to the U.S. or Canada

For more information, contact me at:  alaskabricklin@gmail.com



Air Cleaner Labels for '75 & '76 Bricklins 

Don't you hate it?  You open up your hood and nowhere do you see evidence that you're looking at the engine of a Bricklin.  From the `power by Ford' valve covers to the AMC logo on the windshield washer reservoir, what's a person to think?  Is this an AMC?  Is it a Ford?  With one of my new air cleaner labels, your engine will proudly tell the curious observer that they're looking under the hood of a Bricklin!  These labels are heat resistant with black printing on a brushed chrome background.  The `BRICKLIN' script mimics the font style you find on the back of your Bricklin. 

Price:  $15.00 includes shipping and handling.

For more information, contact me at:  alaskabricklin@gmail.com

Pictured below:  a BRICKLIN bumper sticker and a BRICKLIN air cleaner label