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AMC Matador

I've always been an AMC nut. It's about time I made a model of one!

When deciding to make a model of an AMC, I first decided that I wanted to create a model that could 'live in the world of my Baby Bricks and Studebakers.'  So I chose to work in caricature in a scale that places it right alongside my Baby Bricks and Studebakers.  What AMC to choose?  I decided on the 1975 Matador sedan for two reasons.  First, it's very underrepresented in the modeling community.  Second, it's unique design lent itself well to my style of caricature design.  

The first one off the production line

That grill!  The nose on the AMC Matador sedan was just begging to be exaggerated!

AMC Matador

I worked hard to get the taillights the way I wanted them to look.  The red brake lights.  The white backup lights.  The chrome ribbing.  The black out effect around the lenses.  And the chrome ring around the whole assembly.  I ultimately decided to make the lenses as seperate pieces, as well as the trim rings that go around the perimeter of the taillights.  By doing this, I was able to get the detail you see here.

AMC Matador

I've given this model the same rake you'll see on my Studebaker models.  Low in the front, high in the back!  And of course it has dual exhaust poking out under the rear bumper!  Here's the second AMC Matador I created with a police motif.

AMC Matador

A close look will reveal that my Matador model has the top of the line AMC factory rims!  This is my third AMC Matador and the first wagon!

AMC Matador

Got the bumper guards right, front and rear.  AMC not only put the 'rubber push guards' on their Matadors, they also added rubber corner trim, front and back.  You'll see that represented on my Matador models. 

AMC Matador

Here's my first five Matadors all parked together.  The two cars on the end that are each two-toned green and white are for Jerry, a new friend in Texas who saw my sedans and commissioned me to create a Matador wagon because that's what he owns!  Thanks Jerry!  I don't know if I would've ever gotten around to creating the wagon without your encouragement.

AMC Matador

My Matadors, and my Studebakers, were designed to fit into the 'Baby Brick' world.  Here they are hanging out together!

Contact me at:  alaskabricklin@gmail.com